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As a full-service plumbing company that services the entire Bangor, Maine, community and outlying areas, we understand the importance of providing our residential and commercial customers alike with a fast response to service calls and quality service. We are committed to meeting your needs, and we can provide you with services for inspections, repair work, replacements, gas conversions and new installations.



We are a full-service plumbing company capable of addressing any service requests you have, and we offer assistance for both residential and commercial properties in and around the Bangor, Maine, area. Our skilled plumbers understand how vital it is to have access to a fully functional system of pipes and other related features in your property. For homes, issues with the system may interfere with your ability to draw fresh water through the pipe for cooking, cleaning and other necessary functions. It may also interfere with your ability to remove waste from the home through the sewer line. For workplaces, issues may interfere with some of your company's ability to complete basic work functions over the course of the workday, and your customers may be inconvenienced.


A Wide Range of Services for All Needs

Our services cover all aspects of your plumbing system, and this includes fresh water pipes, waste water pipes, water fixtures, gas pipes and even backflow certification and testing. Whether you need help with new construction projects or existing properties, you can always count on our skilled plumber professionals to deliver the results you need. We understand that the fixtures in your home serve a functional purpose, and they can also impact everything from the aesthetic look of your home and its overall condition to the cost of your water bills. With how important our services are to you, you will love the fact that we are committed to responding to your requests for service in a timely manner and to completing the work with speed.


New Construction and Installation Services

One of the many types of services that our friendly plumbers can help you with relates to new construction and installation services. This may include running the pipes for fresh and waste water throughout the walls in a new building. It also includes relocating pipes and other features in a remodeling project. When you need to have new pipes, water treatment systems, toilets, faucets or any other features installed in your new construction or existing home, we are available to help you. You can expect quality work and fair rates from our hardworking professionals, and we are committed to completing the projects to your satisfaction while also keeping our rate competitive.


Emergency Services for Significant Plumbing Issues

While we can set up a scheduled appointment to provide you with new installation services, we also are available to respond to emergency repair requests. We understand that pipe leaks, backed up toilets, sewer line issues and other issues can have a dramatic impact on your home life or your ability to conduct business at work, and many of these issues can also result in property damage if they are not dealt with quickly. They may also result in expensive water waste. If the issue is in a professional environment, your business may lose income until the issue is properly remedied. We offer emergency services to ensure that all of our valued clients in Bangor, Maine, and surrounding communities have a fast, reliable solution to any type of issues that arise. You can rest assured that you will never have to wait long for help to arrive when you reach out to our established and trusted company at the first sign of an issue.

Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

A water heater may not be a required feature in a property, but it is nonetheless a feature that most local property owners do not want to live without. Water heaters can reasonably provide a property owner with approximately 5 to 10 years of use, but repair work is often needed within this period of time in order to keep them functioning well. For example, repair issues can arise seemingly without notice or reason. When this happens, you may notice that your system:

  • Is leaking water
  • Fails to produce an adequate amount of hot water.
  • Produces smelly or discolored water
  • Has a gassy odor around the outside of the unit

Drain Cleaning

Drains serve the important function of channeling water into the pipes so that the pipes can carry waste water away from the home. These are most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, but you may also have them in a laundry room, a garage or other areas. They can easily become clogged due to larger, foreign materials accidentally being washed down the drain. They can also become clogged due to a build-up of items like soap residue, grease, strands of hair, food particles and other similar items. You may need to contact us for professional drain cleaning service if you notice water that is slow to drain out of sinks, tubs and shower basins or if you notice standing water that does not drain out of these features. We utilize several different techniques to quickly remove the clog that is limiting your ability to use your drains as intended. In some cases, a clog may be located on or close to the drain cover, and you may be able to easily remedy the situation on your own. However, because clogs can be deeper in pipes and harder to remove and because you may not be able to use your water features until the clog is removed, you want to use professional services from our team to fix the problem without delay.



While we are available to complete piping services for new construction projects and home additions, we can also re-pipe older homes and professional buildings. Some of the older homes in the community have pipes that are deteriorating with age, and these pipes are generally prone to develop more repair problems. For example, they may regularly or frequently develop leaks. They may also be rusted or have blockages related to a significant amount of build-up inside the pipes. If you have an older home or commercial building, you can request a piping inspection from our highly trained plumbing team. Through an inspection, you can learn more about the true condition of your pipes, and you may learn if re-piping service is recommended. If we recommend re-piping, we can help you to learn more about the piping materials that may be best for your property, and we can provide you with competitive rates and quality service. Through re-piping, you can restore the condition of your pipe system to like new regardless of the age of the property. We understand that this service may interfere with your ability to draw water into the building as desired until it is completed, so we will work diligently to complete the work as soon as possible.


Toilet Repair and Replacement

Whether you have one toilet in your property or several, you understandably want to keep these features in great condition. The inconvenience associated with having a malfunctioning or clogged toilet can be significant, and some issues with a backed up toilet can actually result in sewage waste spilling onto your floor and can cause considerable property damage. Our skilled and responsive team of knowledgeable plumbers can provide repair services for:

  • Clogged toilets
  • Toilets that are slow to flush
  • Toilets that run constantly or randomly

We are able to respond to toilet repair requests quickly so that you can once again enjoy full function of them without delay. In addition, we can also assist you with making an upgrade with a toilet replacement service. Some property owners need toilets replaced when remodeling their bathrooms, and others may want to invest in a low-flow toilet to reduce water consumption in the property. If you make the decision to replace your toilets, you can select your own models or we can make a recommendation for you. For any type of toilet issue, you can count on our focused and efficient team of specialists to provide the repair or upgrading service necessary to meet your needs.

Faucets & Sinks

Faucets and sinks are critical components in properties across Bangor, Maine. These features may be used for everything from cooking and cleaning to hygiene functions and more. While they are functional features, they also have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic style in a space. Some property owners will contact us for assistance with repairs to faucets and sinks. Our repair services can remedy situations related to faucets that drip constantly, will not turn on, or spray water outward.

While we can provide fast repair service for these and other related issues, we can also assist our local clients with replacement and new installation service. You may want to replace an outdated or generic porcelain bathroom sink with a designer sink during a remodel, or you may want to upgrade all of the fixtures in your property to improve the look and style of the space. Regardless of what your current needs are for faucets and sinks in your residential or commercial property, we can help you to achieve the desired results.


Kitchen and Bath Remodels

While we can replace existing bathroom and kitchen fixtures and install the necessary supply, drainage, and gas lines when it comes to kitchen and bath remodels upon request, we also can recommend certified contractors to tend to cabinet, flooring and sheetrock replacement for your large-scale remodeling projects. When we initially meet with you to discuss your project, we can give you a better idea about the scope of the plumbing work that will be required to bring your vision for the space to life, and we can provide you with recommendations and solutions that can provide you with great results. Our experienced professionals can work with other contractors that you are using to complete the entire remodeling project. Whether you need assistance relocating pipes, installing new features or upgrading features to water-saving models, you can rest assured that we will satisfy all of your needs to your satisfaction. Some of the steps we can take to remodel your space include:

  • Providing assistance during the design stage
  • Assisting with developing a realistic budget
  • Providing advice regarding materials to use during the remodeling project
  • Re-piping services
  • Installation of new features

Backflow Preventer Installations

Another type of important service that our crew can provide to you is backflow preventer installations. Backflow preventer devices are required for all commercial properties in Bangor, Maine, and throughout the state, and many residential customers opt to have these devices installed as well due to the benefits that they can provide. A backflow preventer device is designed to prevent contaminated waste water from flowing backward into the property and contaminating the supply of fresh water that the property receives. Contaminated water can result in health issues for any who drink or use the water, and these simple devices prevent this from happening. Backflow may result from a change in pressure in the pipe or other similar issues. Typically, the use of these devices is regulated by the state, and commercial property owners will receive a notice several months before an inspection is due. The inspection results will result in the required certification that is required by law. If the inspection reveals that the backflow preventer device is broken or malfunctioning, a replacement can be made. Our professional team is available to install a new backflow preventer device if necessary.


Gas Pipe Repair & Installation Service

Most properties throughout the Bangor, Maine, area are serviced with gas through a gas pipe that leads into the structure. The gas pipe may run underground outside the property as well as throughout the walls in the building. Typically, the pipe remains in great condition for many years. However, landscaping work outside the home, the settlement of ground soil or even basic wear and tear on the pipe over time can impact the condition of the pipe. You may notice that your pipe has been damaged and requires service if:

  • You smell gas inside or outside of your property
  • You discover that your supply of gas in the property is impaired
  • You are aware that landscaping work may have impacted the condition of the pipe

A gas pipe repair generally is considered an emergency service because of how dangerous the situation can be. You should contact our company at the first sign of a gas leak or damage to your pipe. We will provide you with instructions over the phone to keep your property and family safe until we arrive, and we will prioritize the repair work to your gas line so that you can receive the prompt service that the situation demands. In addition to providing you with fast repair service for a damaged gas pipe, our crew is also available to provide new installation with gas conversions service. This may be for upgrades to homes that do not currently receive gas service as well as to new construction homes. Regardless of what type of service you need for your gas pipe, you can rest assured that we have the skills and dedication to get the work completed to your satisfaction and without delay.

Tubs & Showers

Our professional plumbers are also able to provide repair, replacement and new installation service for tubs and showers. You may have plans to remodel your space or to add a new bathroom onto your home. We can relocate existing pipes to a new area if you need to move your features to a different location in the bathroom. We can add additional showerheads, and we can replace standard tubs with jetted tubs. In addition, we can also respond to repair issues for these features. For example, you may notice that your showerhead or bathtub faucet drips, or you may believe that your bathtub has a leak. Our courteous plumbers are available to help you improve the function and style of these features with great results, and we can provide you with affordable rates for all types of shower and tub services.


Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are a true convenience feature in most homes, and they are found in some types of commercial work environments as well. While they are not a necessity, you may not want to delay contacting our office for plumbing service at the first sign of an issue with your garbage disposal. These devices are used to grind up food particles so that they can easily pass through your pipes and out of your home. The alternative is to place all food waste into a trash can, and this can be inconvenient, messy and even smelly. There are several common problems that you may run into with your garbage disposal. For example:

  • It may be clogged, and water may be backing up into the sink
  • An item may have fallen into it and become lodged in the blade
  • It may fail to grind up food as desired
  • It may have stopped working entirely

A typical garbage disposal may provide you with approximately three to five years of use, if not more. When you contact our plumbers for assistance with your garbage disposal, we can tell you if the system is able to be repaired or if a replacement is a better option for you. Our team of plumbers is able to repair all makes and models if a repair is the desired route you want to take. We regularly keep these units in stock for replacement purposes, so we can typically provide you with fast replacement service if needed.