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At Oliver's Heating & Plumbing, our highly experienced and skilled heating service professionals are committed to providing friendly, prompt service to all of our valued local clients. We serve the entire Bangor, Maine, community as well as surrounding communities. With our dedication to excellence and our strong focus on customer service, you can rest assured that all of your concerns will be addressed when you contact our office for any type of heating equipment service request.


Our Diagnostic Services for Heating Equipment

At our established company, we are committed to responding to all service requests promptly, and we understand the need to repair a broken heating unit without delay. The first step in any repair service request for a residential or commercial property is to diagnose the issue. Our knowledgeable heating equipment system specialists can diagnose and repair any make and model of unit you have in your home. We will quickly yet thoroughly inspect the unit to determine the source of the issue. Then, we will provide you with a competitive estimate for our skilled services. Our friendly repair professionals will arrive at your home ready to make most types of repairs on the spot. Once you approve of the cost estimate we provide to you, we typically can get started completing the repair work right away.

What May Be Wrong With Your Heating Unit

There are many issues that can develop with a furnace over the course of time. For example, parts can wear out, or they may get too dirty. Air ducts and filters get dirty, and this can impact how well the system operates. In some cases, components and fasteners may become loose inside the unit, and they may impact how well the system operates. These types of issues may also cause loud noises when the furnace turns on. When the gas connections to the heating unit become loose or leaky, you may smell gas in your home. This is an emergency situation, and it requires immediate service from our highly trained specialists. Due to the significance of the situation, you may even need to vacate the home until we are able to repair the issue.

New Construction and New Installation Services

While many of our clients contact us for service on existing units, we are a reliable resource for new construction. Whether you are constructing an outbuilding on your property or building a new home from the ground up we can help. With our professional services, you can expect to receive a competitive quote as well as access to a great selection of high-quality, energy efficiency models of equipment. We understand the importance of having a functional heating unit on your property. You can rely on our professionals to complete quality work in a timely manner.